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The Excelsior Award goes to Lucille Lantz for "Jeremy's Journey"


Jeremy's Journey

By Lucille Lantz


Jeremy is a drop of water that lives in a lake. The lake is surrounded by tall pine

trees. The water in the lake sparkled in the sunlight. The sparkles looked like

floating diamonds.


Every so often a pine cone would fall from the tree and plop into the

moving waters. In the winter the sun would melt the snow on the mountain

tops and it would trickle down into the swirling lake. When the snowflakes fell

from the sky they would melt as they hit the wiggling water. Without the sun

the lake could not exist. When the sun was strong some of the water from the

lake would be lifted and brought back into the clouds. The sun's heat would turn

the waters into steam. The steam would rise in a mist and settle in the clouds


Sometimes the sun would seem to disappear and dark rain clouds would

cover the sky. The loud claps of thunder and pouring rain helped to keep the

lake waters flowing.


The sun feeds the lake with fresh water from the clouds The sun also provided

nourishment for the growing plants that lived in and around the lake. Many of

the fish that swam in the cool waters ate the growing plants that grew on the

bottom of the lake.

The puffy clouds would float above the lake. The wind would move them

across the blue sky. When the clouds drifted in the sky their shapes would

change. Millions of tiny drops of water would sleep soundly inside of the

clouds. Jeremy was one of those tiny drops hidden in the belly of the cloud.


One bright sun shiny day, Jeremy woke up from a long deep sleep and he was in

a cloud. He had lived for many years in the cool water of the lake. He loved

traveling round and round in the lake and the tickles from the swimming fish

made him giggle.



The memory of the lake was still fresh in Jeremy's mind. But something about

the cloud did seem familiar. Jeremy wondered if maybe he had been in a cloud

before. Jeremy's memories began to return. It had been a very hot day when

suddenly he had been lifted up from the lake. He rose higher and higher into

the sky he was very excited.


At first he was very frightened but then he heard some of the other drops call

this journey "evaporation...” They said that evaporation is something that takes

place over and over again. That is when Jeremy remembered that he had

been in a cloud before and that it was a cloud that dropped him into the lake.


Jeremy was quite confused and was wondering if the cloud would carry him back

to the lake he knew so well. Jeremy missed the cool water. He cried out

"When can I go back to my lake"?



Zeek was a larger more experience drop. He had evaporated many times and

had visited all kinds of places. With a bit of a chuckle in his voice Zeek

exclaimed "Oh! You may not return to the lake”. Jeremy's voice was quivering

"What do you mean I'm stuck in this floating cloud forever? When I was in

the lake I could see the beautiful stars shine in the dark night sky. I was

able to see the rainbows arch above the mountains. I want to go back NOW”!

"Calm down little drop" replied Zeek "once you are brought up into a cloud you

never know where you will fall. I have had many homes and each time I have a

new adventure.”



“But" said Jeremy "I love the tickling of the fish. They swim

around in the waters causing the wonderful ripples. I miss their tickles and I

want to go back NOW"!



"The wind will guide us across the sky" said Zeek. "Look below..See the cities,

farms, mountains and forests. One of those places can become your new

home. When the cloud gets cold, the steam becomes water and it is too heavy

for the cloud. The cloud will burst open and we will begin our journey back to

earth. The world is filled with lakes and lots of new places to see".



Zeek could sense Jeremy's sadness. He had a most favorite place and longed to

go back for a visit, but Zeek knew he had to calm this little drop. "None of

us can say for sure where we will land. Sometimes we fall like a gentle sprinkle

but sometimes when the clouds crash against each other there is loud thunder

and flashes of lightening. When that happens we pour down with great speed.”



“I want to go back, I want to go back”! shouted Jeremy. “I know the lake

enjoyed the splashing and the ripples all of us drops made."

'”Jeremy” said Zeek "just as you once fell into the lake you could easily fall into

the deep ocean, or become a puddle on the ground. The weather could be

cold and freeze you into a snowflake”. One of the other drops shouted “I was a

beautiful snowflake last year" it was Crystal this was her third time up in the

cloud "It was wonderful. I glistened and my shape was like a small piece of

lace”. "Me too"! "Me too"! shouted many of the other drops.

“A snow flake? Lace?” thought Jeremy. He was very confused and asked

"what is a snowflake"? Crystal perked right up in her squeaking little voice "It’s

a rain drop that gets frozen by the cold weather. Its a tingling feeling and

poof you’re a pretty piece of frozen water glistening as you float in the air".



Zeek told Jeremy how he once nourished a beautiful rose and helped it to

blossom and how he was once the last drop of water in a canteen for a soldier in

the dessert. Zeek spoke with authority. "The sun loves the lake and when

the sun makes heat on the water it brings us up into the cloud. The cloud could

drift over your wonderful lake and return you there once again. The fondness

you feel for the lake will always be in your mind. No one can take that memory

from you. It is yours forever. I too have a most wonderful memory.


I was one of the drops that helped put out a large fire in a burning building. I

shot out of the fire hose with great force. Oh! How I would like to do that


Just then the cloud popped open. Jeremy could hear Zeek's words as he

was falling "safe trip my friend", he shouted. Lower and lower Jeremy fell

toward the earth. The air became warmer. He was overtaken with excitement.

Where would he land? Finally after his long fall Jeremy landed softly in the cool

waters of a rushing stream. Jeremy was carried toward a water fall. He swished

and swirled as the current whooshed him closer to the falls.


With a huge gush...down...down...down Jeremy tumbled...."Wow! I’ve never

experienced such speed before rushing water sure is a blast" said Jeremy.

"Wheeeeee! This is wonderful”! exclaimed Jeremy. The water became calm and

once in the new stream Jeremy once again felt the warm sun beating down on

the cool water. Jeremy could see the sun shinning brightly in the sky. When he

looked up he knew that this was the very same sun that shone above the lake

many times. Jeremy felt good knowing the sun was still watching over him.



Jeremy enjoyed each moment he spent rolling down the river but couldn’t help

but wonder where his next adventure would take him. Jeremy hoped that

someday he would once again evaporate and return to the calmness of the

lake. Jeremy knew there would be many more adventures ahead of him.



Maybe one day he would freeze and become a snowflake!



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